Mel Jordan

Born: December 12, 1945, Fredericksburg, TX

I grew up in the Texas Hill Country, the son of a full time active artist.  I traveled with him and his painting buddies to scenic places in Texas and Mexico.  I showed early talent, but my father encouraged me to pursue a safer career.  Following his advice I earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture and took elective art courses at The University of Texas at Austin.   After graduation I started my own design and construction company that specialized in unique homes and small commercial projects.

After a decade in the architecture and construction profession, I explored painting as a full time career.  I had numerous commissions, a few art show awards and my paintings were carried by several galleries in Austin, San Antonio, and Santa Fe.   But I needed to earn a safer living for my family so I returned to architecture and construction work.   Another period of full time painting followed with more commissions, art shows, and gallery features as far away as Palm Desert, California.  After 8 more years of architecture and construction, I returned to being a full time artist, this time with a commitment to focus on my art as the most rewarding way to live the rest of my life.
–Mel Jordan